Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Falls

Kaylon took off 2 days this week to spend some time with us for Grace's spring break. We had wanted to go camping, but I had to veto that due to a very pregnant belly. (I can't sleep all night in my own bed- there's no way I'm gonna sleep on the ground away from a bathroom!) So instead we decided to go camping without camping. We started our day with a small hike at Great Falls National Park (as a bonus, it was national parks week, so it was free!).

After a short break at home for a Moira nap, we headed south of Woodbridge to the national forest there. We rented a campsite, built a fire, and had hotdogs and s'mores. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and the girls put together a pile of leaves to jump in. We stayed until after dark, telling stories and singing songs around the fire. We headed out at 10pm with the younger two already asleep (and the oldest following quickly). It was a great compromise for us- Kaylon got a day totally outdoors, and I got to sleep in relative peace.

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