Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T Minus One Week

Crazy how time flies. We have been here almost two months now. We have sold or packed most of mom's stuff. Piles of boxes sit in corners ready for my siblings to come collect them. We're trying to use up most of the food in the kitchen (it won't happen). And I've almost had my fill of Bahama Bucks shaved ice (almost, but not yet).

I'm getting excited to get back home- 1st to my husband whom I miss so much. 2nd to my own house where my kids have toys and a schedule. 3rd to my calling in the primary- I've really missed working with the kids on sundays! It helps to know that Mom will be coming to live with us in a month or two, but I will miss the access that I've had to my siblings while being here. I've gotten to know my nieces and nephews, and they've gotten to know me and my kids. I'm really going to miss that part. Maybe I'll be able to convince them all to move out east...

Anyways the next week will be hectic and we'll lose internet when we move to Stephen's this weekend, so don't expect many updates until we get home!

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