Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reid Park Zoo in Tucson

We drove down to Tucson to visit the Reid Park Zoo yesterday. It was fun to spend some more time with my sister and her beautiful family.

Paytyn looking cute

Grace with the elephants

Liliana with the giraffes

Shane and the rhino


Moira looking at the fish

Liliana and Paytyn eating lunch

Liliana at the splash pad in the zoo

Grace and Paytyn


I was really looking forward to taking a picture of my kids on the peacock just outside the zoo because I have on of Grace there as a baby. Grace, of course, picked that moment to throw a fit because we told her no to the gift shop and no to the train. This is the result. Oh well, she's gonna have to live down that grimace for the rest of her life.

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