Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mom Update- August

It's been just shy of 3 months since Mom was hospitalized back in May. That was when she was started on the hormone treatment. We got the results of her most recent blood work today, as well as a bone scan. There was no evidence of cancer in the bones (one of the places that breast cancer most often moves to) AND her breast cancer marker went down and another cancer marker remained stable. We are estatic! This allows us to go forward as planned, which means that I and my kids will go home August 25th and get Grace ready to go to 1st grade. Mom and Brandon will drive to Minnestota shortly thereafter to visit with one of mom's friends for a month. Then they will drive to Virginia where Mom will start living with us and Brandon will get a ride to Quantico to join the Marines.

We feel extremely blessed by all the prayers, good thoughts, and helpful hands that we have received in our behalf. I know that Mom is sustained by the faith and love of all those around her. Thank you to all of you for everything!

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Mrs Abbott said...

sooo happy for you guys!