Sunday, August 8, 2010


I get scared to write about personal topics; Personal thoughts and beliefs that I carry inside. But if you can't write about things close to your heart on your own blog, well, where can you write about them? (Plus I need to combat my greatest fear- rejection- by facing it head on.) Anyway that's my preface for writing about more contoversial things in the future. :)

I have a favorite blog that a friend of mine led me to (thanks Erin!). It's called "Women in the Scriptures" ( I just love this woman's insight and research about women and their roll in the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has put into words what I have always had in my heart, but hadn't taken the time to compose. Every entry is fascinating. I highly reccommend it! It has prompted me to write my own thoughts of womanhood and my role in society...

I am tired of a world where equality means "the same." I am tired of a world that says that in order for me to have worth I have to do the same thing as my husband. I'm tired of measuring up to a paycheck and struggling to be 'in charge.' I am a woman and I have infinate worth for being so. As a woman I can do something that no man can do: I can make human life. (I admit, my husband plays a part in this, but do you really need me to verify how much more of the work I do in this, or can we just start with the premise that my body does the majority? yes? thank you.)

And I know what some of you are going to say: So what. Every woman has the potential to bear children. Children are born every day- every second of every day. And then you are tied to those children and they restrict you and you can't go out and have a career. What is so special about having a uterus?

When did we as a society stop honoring motherhood? Not just marking it with a national holiday, but really honoring it? Get a perspective! Motherhood is the ability to MAKE LIFE! For each child we travel to the edge of life and stare death in the face in order to bring them into the world. How is that less noble than the playing with billions of dollars that my husband does every day? Which work will last into the eternities: the stock market or my children? I can make a vessel for a child of my Heavenly Father, so that that child can have a chance to come to earth and learn the needed lessons to progress in this life and the next. And then my Heavenly Father further asks me to stay home and to rear those children so that they will know about Him, know how to live a good life, know how to be a good person. He has asked ME to do that for His children. How can I not feel honored?

And there's a reason that He has asked women to do that. It's because (prepare yourselves!) He made us different than men. Yes, women are different than men. And not only is that ok, that's GOOD. There is so much work to do on this earth, that in His wisdom He made each of the sexes good at half of what needed to be done. He made men physically strong so that they could protect and work for their families. He made women sensitive so that they would be good at nurturing chidlren and those around them. He did this so that we can work together, equals in our separate duties, supporting each other in our work. It's quite beautiful how he designed it.

Now before you start in on my about women who aren't married or can't have children, and men that are good with children, trust me, I already know. My own husband is fantastic with children. Women should have an education or skills that she can use in the world. My own mother was a single mom for years and had a successful career as dental hygenist. There are circumstances in this imperfect, cruel world that require a woman to take on what is normally a man's role. My mother mourns the years that she was taken out of the home. She regrets how working in the office has hardened her. She wishes that she had had a man who could have protected her from that. I thank my own husband who takes his responsibilty seriously as he goes out into the world every week- at one point in our lives working two jobs- so that I can raise our children.

I'm don't think I'm unrealistic- although I probably am idealistic. I know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us while we are here, and families are one of the most important parts of that plan. Another important part of that plan is choice. We have all been given the right to chose how we live our lives. And I am honestly not telling anyone to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. (I am totally against having babies just to have babies or reach some predetermined number of children, but that's another post.) The point I am trying to get across is that society is degrading the responsibilty that sets women apart from men. Soceity says that we need a paycheck or a title to be equal to the man next to us. I am saying that we are already equal. I am saying that creating life is important! I am saying that being a mother is a uniquely special title, ask any child! I am asking women to wake up and see ourselves as people of worth- just as we are. I am asking society to allow women to preform their duties without feeling inferior. Put womanhood back on the pedastal where it belongs- next to, not in front of or behind, the man and his role as provider and protector. See us as different again. See us as equals again.


Mrs Abbott said...

You go girl! Thanks for sharing! I totally and full heartedly agree! I am tired of being looked at like I'm crazy because I have 4 kids. Four? They ask. Are these all yours? While in their heads they are thinking but you can't travel, shop, sleep in late, have extra money to spend on yourself, etc. And while no, I can't travel to Rome next weekend, I can go camping with my family and do all those other things, just from a different perspective. And I can do that with those that I love and care for and honor.

Destiny said...

I've been reading the Women in the Scriptures blog for some time now and I just love it. Great post, btw. I wish more women would recognize their divine worth and potential and the importance of a mother in the home.

Debbie's said...

wow Shawna, that was so beautifully penned. You have a gift :) Now I have to start reading that blog that has inspired you so. Love you!