Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Liliana

We got some hard news this past week about our Liliana. She had her 4 year check up on Friday with our new doctor (whom I love). Everything was fine until she showed me Liliana's growth chart. My girls have never weighed a lot, and so low percentiles there have never scared me, but suddenly Liliana's height was in the 2%. When I was able to get my hands on last year's stats, I was shocked to see that she hasn't grown at all in the past year. Her doctor was very proactive. She ordered blood and urine tests and an x-ray. So after getting her immunizations, she then went downstairs to the lab where she had about 6 vials of blood drawn. To add to the trauma, they blew the vein and had to get the last few on the other arm. As we walked out she sobbed, "I just can't do it anymore." I tell you, it broke my heart. The x-ray of her wrist went much better, but she didn't start to get over it until our promised trip to McDonald's.

Her doctor emailed me today (I've heard a lot of bad reviews of Kaiser Permanente, but I have to say, I'm loving it so far). All the tests were normal except the x-ray. Her bones are more than a year younger than she is. This is a fairly positive result, since it means that her bones will grow, their just behind. She is now referring us to a pediatric endocrinologist to check her hormones for any imbalances. I'm so grateful that she took me seriously and was so proactive. I know that this is a small challenge compared to other health problems, but she's still my baby- and it's been hard worrying that someone was 'wrong' with her. I just want the best for her. Her appointment is next Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.


Mrs Abbott said...

Shawna, that's wild! Keep us posted as to what happens! I know only a little how you feel when Elizabeth was referred to an eye Dr. for glasses, I was concerned and when the boys were referred to a peds specialist for behavior in preschool, but things turned out well in the end.

Destiny said...

Our 5 1/2 year old has consistently been below the 3 percentile, but aside from being smaller and incredibly thin, she's ahead of her peers intellectually. It can be hard not to worry at times, but as long as Liliana is meeting her other developmental milestones, I would try not to fret too much (I know that can be hard). Some kids are just tiny and that's ok.