Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Liliana (Late)!

I just realized that I missed posting about Liliana's birthday. She turned 4 the day before we flew back to Virginia, after we lost our internet connection. In the subsequent craziness of being home, my blog has been neglected. But we can't continue on that path forever!

We had three celebrations for Liliana's birthday. First we had a big party the weekend before for her and her cousin Grayson, who shares his birthday with Liliana, just a year apart.

The happening kids' table


Gathering the spoils

The Dora Pajamas that she'd been waiting days for.

Grandma Susie made the cupcake- cake.

Notice that she changed into her pajamas already...

On her actual birthday we got to go out to dinner to the Cheesecake Factory with BOTH grandmas- Grandma Susie and Grandma Elyse! Liliana doesn't like ice cream or cheesecake, so I ordered her a plate of strawberries for dessert. She was delighted when we started singing to her and exclaimed, "Oh guys! Thank you sooo much. You are the best!" It was so sweet and sincere we all started laughing. We finished the night with TWO rides on a double decker carousel.

Finally we had a small party in Virginia with Daddy when we got home. We bought some gourmet cupcakes and opened a couple more presents. It was great to have some family time with our whole family there!

She has turned into such a sweetheart! Four really agrees with her. No longer does she push people away- instead she gives hugs and kisses and compliments all the time. She is just a joy to be around now! We love Liliana so much and we're so glad that she came to our family 4 years ago!


Debbie's said...

What a sweetheart! I'm glad she got to have such a special, and drawn out, birthday :)

mackyton said...

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