Thursday, April 8, 2010

Petite Theif

Moira, Moira, Moira...
What am I going to do with you?

She's cute- I'll be the first to admit that. But she gets into EVERYTHING. My wallet has been disassembled numerous times, she threw raisins all over the floor this morning, Yoda's dog food often ends up in his water bowl, and anything left on the edge any table is coming down if she has anything to do with it. Anything in reach is game, according to her.

Case in point: We were checking out at the grocery store on Monday when I look down at the little car she was riding in in the front of the cart, and see her little hand grabbing a Rolo candy. Thinking of my quick instincts and how talented I must be to catch her in the act, I grabbed the chocolate away, only to discover that she had already eaten a third of another Rolo. Grimacing, I paid for the already chewed candy and made the decision that for the next shopping trip, she was going to sit on the other side of the cart.

She IS really cute though. She's very good at mimicking. If I start drumming the table, she does too. If the girls are running around, she isn't far behind. When we go down a hill in the stroller, she squeals in delight along with the other two. She blows kisses, waves hello and goodbye, walks and 'runs,' and tries to sing with us. She gets into trouble, but she's a sweetest girl at the same time. I can't imagine life without any of my girls!

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