Saturday, April 10, 2010

Irrevernet Prayers

We were bad parents tonight: we shopped at Target until 9:30pm and on the way out bought the girls hot chocolate and an icee. The fatigue combined with the sugar made for some really hyper girls. After rushing through a needed bath and some betimes songs, it was time for prayer. Liliana begged to to say it, so we let her. She was became distracted and started acting like a snake, followed by a monkey. I told her she had to be reverent so she said she was going to be the king. So as she started to pray she used her "deep voice" which sounds like a monster voice. After one sentence she stopped herself and said, "no, I be the queen." She started her prayer over with a slightly higher voice, but stopped again after one phrase. "No, I be Liliana." Again, she started over, again she interrupted herself. "No, I be a dinosaur." She then proceeded to pray in her 'deep/monster voice', "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day. Amen."

Kaylon, Grace, and I all lost it. She told us not to laugh, but we just couldn't stop. Life is good here. :)

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Debbie's said...

that. was. awesome. hahahahaha!