Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter today. We woke up to find lots of eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. We let Moira have a head start, but she still didn't get many eggs. Course, this was all her fault, since as soon as one of her eggs fell open and she figured out there was candy in them, she just sat down to eat them. Liliana did get it this year, though, and Grace, of course, was a champ.
We got to listen to General Conference most of the day, which is when our church leaders
speak to the entire church, twice a year. There were many talks about the resurrection,
along with other inspirational topics, so I really felt like I got to spend my day focused
on the real reason for Easter.

Still, we had to carry on one of Kaylon's family tradions of "egg rolling." We took our decorated hard-boiled eggs out back to our hill and raced them.

Check out Liliana diving after her egg!

This, of course, later turned into an egg fight, but it was a lot of fun. At one point Kaylon tried to use Grace as a human shield. (Like I would throw anything with Grace there!)

Later she came to my aid, yelling, "Momma, I'll be your human shield!!"
I explained that being a human shield meant that Daddy would hit her instead of me. Without a hesitation she then yelled, "RUN!!" and did so herself!

Hope you all had a great Easter too!

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Debbie's said...

what a fun post! I'm glad you had a nice Easter- the pictures are great! love ya!