Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Twilight" Night Out

So some of you have heard about a little movie called "Twilight" that came out last weekend to the tune of $70 million (and the 'experts' were saying $30-50 million- tops, the losers). I know the books nearly inside and out, so I was of course excited to see the movie, even though I knew that it would not be the same (when are movies-from-books ever the same?). So I planned a girls night out (for some reason Kaylon didn't want to go, lol) with some girls that also loved the books.

One after one, girls started backing out for various reasons (don't worry- no hard feelings) until I realized that I was the only one holding a ticket to a sold out show. I had already paid money, so I decided, with some hesitation to go by myself. I had never been to a movie solo before, and honestly was afraid that I would look like a total loser.

I don't know if I ever want to go to the movies with other people ever again! I loved being able to show up when I wanted, sit where I wanted, and never had to worry about what others thought of the movie. It was some great alone time for me- especially with the baby coming. And hey, I had entertainment from my friend Debbie that graciously chatted on the phone and the 13 year old girls that started screeching while the ads were still running (I am so scared of my future in 10 years, with 2 preteen girls!). Luckily they were also far enough away that I could hear the dialouge during the film :)

As for the movie- I really enjoyed it. Was it perfect- no, of course not. There were things I would have liked to have seen added, some things taken away... but heck for their budget they did a great job. With all the money they're making, the werewolves and cliff jumping in the next movie should be awesome! I was happily transported into the movie for two hours, and honestly wish that I could see it again. Kaylon has an instant gift idea for whenever the DVD comes out...


Debbie's said...

Well, when we go to see it together in the dollar theater in January, we can sit at opposite ends of the theater *wink*
... "Jasper"... *giggle*

Dee said...

Did you notice that "ben " was changed to Eric in the movie? It was Ben and Angela in the book and in the Movie it was Eric and Angela.

Loved the movie it was fun. Book was really so much better.