Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

We drove up to the Pittsburg area to meet Mom and Brandon who had flown out to visit Mom's family who live there. The girls did great in the car (we love our DVD player!) and Grace was estatic to see Grandma Susie (it took Liliana a bit to warm up to the newcomers). We spent Thanksgiving dinner visiting with my cousins and aunt and uncle. Dinner was delicious, and the kids all enjoyed playing afterward.

We drove back to the hotel before it got too late and Grandma, being a grandma, allowed the girls to open their Christmas gifts that night, so that she could see it. They both got a Dora mermaid doll, a playdoh set, and some clothes. I'll get some pics up soon...

Everything seemed perfect... until I heard Gracie wake up. She usually wakes up when we're in a strange place, so I told her everything was ok and for her to go back to sleep. THEN, I heard her throw up. Luckily she missed Liliana, but it was everywhere else. The kick in the pants was that the hotel was renovating and for some reason thought that was reason to NOT have a night shift. So no housekeeping. We stripped the bed, gave Grace a shower, and got the girls back to sleep. But it still happened two more times, each time we readjusted sleeping arrangements and borrowed blankets from Mom's room. Finally, when Grace's stomach was empty, we were all able to sleep.

We were gonna try to stick it out in PA, but then Grace threw up chicken soup at lunch, so we decided to head home before anyone else got sick. I did get to see my grandmother before we headed out- she's in an alzhiemers unit up there. She loved seeing Liliana- her eyes really lit up when Liliana finally conceded to giving her a kiss and hug.

So we got home a day early and we're now being lazy- well not totally lazy- I had bags of puke clothes to wash. But Grace seems to be feeling better- and no one else has started puking- YET.


Trish Olsen said...

wow poor grace, I'm lucky that i havn't had to go thru that yet with my girls but im sure it will come. :) but glad to hear you had a nice thanksgiving with you family

Debbie's said...

AW!! That SO stinks (literally)! I'm glad the first part was nice and that the puking has stopped. I'm so sorry.
Oh, and thank you, for being such a great liar! *wink*

Allison said...

Oh I hope it ends with Grace. We just got done with a week and a half of everyone in the house having the flu. I have never cleaned so many sheets, towels, and clothing in my life.

The Druhe Fam said...

Poor thing! I hope she's feeling better and that no one else gets sick!