Sunday, November 2, 2008


Happy Halloween to all! Here are our memories of the night:

Grace was a beautiful southern belle.

Liliana was a unicorn.

Kaylon, ever the economist, was the sick markets.
It was a big hit everywhere.

And the family shot (minus me, who did not dress up because I had to carry aroung a huge belly the whole night).

Grace had no trouble remembering how to trick or treat, but it was Liliana's first time understanding what was going on. It didn't take her long to catch on, since she LOVES candy. Her "trick or treat" was very cute and sincere. The best part was that she insisted on wearing Kaylon's black leather gloves all night- I wish we had gotten a picture. She looked like a unicorn-hitman.


Debbie's said...

TOO cute!! I don't think I've seen that Southern Belle costume before- she sure played it well- such a lil' beauty (;
Kaylon was great too... great representation of the financial times :P
We need a new belly shot of you!

Emily Hayes Photography- Washington DC Wedding and Portrait Photography said...

best costumes ever! I love the Scarlet O'hare one and the stock market... aint that the truth! I almost dressed up as the national debt but couldn't figure how to put that many zeros on myself.