Monday, August 26, 2013

Pre-school Week

School starts next Tuesday so today we started our practice school-day routine- namely waking up at 7am.  Everyone (except Violet, whom we let sleep) was up with their alarms and ready to eat breakfast and read scriptures with Daddy.  It's so nice now that he has a (borrowed) car so he can spend a few minutes with us in the morning!

On the flip side I am foreseeing many issues for ME in the future- like 38 week sleepiness, or middle of the night feedings making me a zombie.  At least I don't have to be at the bus stop- there are usually enough parents to make sure things don't go crazy.  So I just have to feed, dress, organize, and get them out the door.  I guess in this regard I should be happy Moira isn't starting school- as a kindergartener I would have to be there!  

Still, we are all excited for school to start (except Liliana, who told me she thought school would end after 1st grade).  We have a big week planned including the pool, 2 play dates, camping on Friday (not me- I'm sleeping at home!), the school open house, and a trip to Pop's boat.    Nothing like packing it all in the last week!         

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