Thursday, August 22, 2013

36 weeks

Ah the final weeks of pregnancy, when things get so uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) that you are wishing for a painful experience to make it go away :)

My doctors appointment was today and the baby is measuring fine, head down, and has a good heart beat.  I always get paranoid around this time since was Grace was breech at 36 weeks, but luckily her siblings have not given me the same problem.

I am uncomfortable, but I am not miserable, well not all the time, anyway.  I'm excited to see if the girls get a brother or sister; also excited to exercise normally again.  But I need to get the older girls into school again, so I'm willing to wait.  Actually around my due date would be best with our schedule.  We'll see if this baby is willing to work with us ;)


Mamma Sass said...

Good luck Shawna! Here's hoping for an easy ride through the rest of the pregnancy :)

Shawna said...

Thanks Danielle!