Wednesday, April 4, 2012

National Zoo

We had a great day a the National Zoo yesterday with our good friends the Smiths (minus our hubbies). What makes it amazing is that we had a great time even though traffic was awful, there was no zoo parking, we feared being ticketed or towed most of the day since the back end of our van (past the rear tires) was sticking out of the parking zone on the street we found, and we didn't make it back in the allotted 2 hour time frame, oh, and we lost Liliana at one point and didn't know it (Lauren happened upon her by accident- luckily we had only been separated a few minutes!). Phew. Kaylon gave me some strange looks as I was relating the day... it sounded a lot worse all put together like that- but really- we enjoyed ourselves and the kids did awesome! It helps to have amazing company!

That said, Lauren and I have vowed to never drive to the zoo during Spring Break ever again.

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