Monday, April 9, 2012

Camping and other Emergencies

We love camping as a family.  (I will love it more more when the kids are older and can help with camp set up, versus hindering it.)  So we decided to head down by my dad in Southern Maryland to camp Easter weekend.  It was fun- especially having Pop come spend Saturday with us around the campfire, but oh, the lessons we learned.

First, camping on a holiday weekend is not advisable, especially if a mythical visitor is supposed to visit.  Pop and Grandma Brandi were gracious enough to let the Easter Bunny leave his eggs at their boat Saturday morning, but packing eggs, and candy, and gifts, in the already stuffed van was just another headache.  Plus we ran out of time to decorate eggs.  The girls didn't notice, but I did.

Second, don't camp with children until it is warmer than 40 degrees at night, especially if it's windy.  The weather was pretty perfect during the day, but at night I barely slept at all, worried that the girls weren't warm enough, especially Violet.  We covered her pack n play with a blanket and doubled her sleepers, but that didn't stop me from freaking out.  The older girls had military grade sleeping bags, so they were fine.

Third, don't introduce new foods to babies under one year old while camping 2 hours from home.  Violet had a severe allergic reaction at breakfast (we're guessing from eggs- test results should be back soon).  It came on gradually, but developed into swelling of the entire body and major hives.  We were able to call our insurance and get the correct dosage for Benedryl, which had her looking better before we even got to the urgent care.  Pop and Grandma Brandi took the girls so that Kaylon and I could take her in.

On arrival at the Urgent Care, we were ushered back immediately.  They took down our story, checked her out, and I figured we would be allowed to leave soon.  I was glancing out the window while doing the paperwork, when I saw an ambulance pull in.  I mentioned out loud that I didn't know that ambulances brought patients to Urgent Care.  Not 30 seconds later they handed me the paperwork to have Violet taken to the hospital by that same ambulance.  They rejected my offer to drive there myself since it was possible for her to have another reaction.  So Violet and I got our first ride in an ambulance.  She got a new teddy bear and a good Benedryl nap, and I learned a little about EMTs vs paramedics.  At the hospital she was observed for about 4 hours and finally released.

We're awaiting the results of the blood tests, which tested for the common allergies.  I have to admit that food allergies was one of those childhood things that I never wants to deal with.   I'm kinda glad that it's eggs and not wheat or milk (knock on wood).  Mostly I am so grateful that Violet is ok.  Seeing her swollen like that- especially her face was just as awful, if not more, than seeing Liliana's skull when she split open her head.  Yay for modern medicine.

My final thought: the only child who hasn't gone to the ER is Moira... I terrified at what she'll do to get herself there!

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manda carol said...

Wow, that sounds like a camping trip to go down on the records. Glad that Violet's okay. :)