Monday, January 30, 2012

Let Her Eat Cake!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Moira! Here's to hoping that you had the terrible two's and that three will be better than two! (I wish I were kidding, but these last 6 months have been quite difficult for us both.)

This birthday's focus was on CAKE.Not presents, or balloons, or attention. Cake- with pink and purple flowers. Lucky for her, Pop came to visit in the morning so we had cake after lunch to include him. Pink cake with purple icing, and pink and purple flowers. She happily blew out her candles and then ate the icing off her cake. Kaylon and I wonder if we just shouldn't hand her a tub of icing next year...

While her stubborn streak and somewhat defiant nature are a daily challenge, her positive characteristics outweigh the "challenging" ones. She is smart, passionate, curious, loving, funny- above all funny. We have to constantly keep ourselves from laughing when she's supposed to be in trouble. I love big, beautiful eyes, that have not quite settled on a color (right now they are a bluish green). I love how simply heartbreaking she looks when she's disappointed or hurt- I know that sounds cruel, but you should just see her shoulders slump and her big eyes drop- I promise you, you'd want to give her the world to make it better. (This picture is more angry than sad, but it gives you an idea...)And as much as it frustrates me now, I love to imagine the strong woman she will be some day because of her "challenging" traits- she will not be someone to mess with!
So Happy Birthday Moira. Mommy loves you!

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