Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Future Delinquent

So I'm sure that many of you know about the traffic light behavior system in kindergarten- green being good, yellow is a warning, and red is bad. Liliana has done fairly well this year- I can count on one hand the times that she has been on yellow, and she's never gotten on red before- until today...

Going through her backpack after school I pulled out a form with an attached envelope that caught my eye. Many different ideas of what it could be flitted through my head before I comprehended exactly what it was: a notice that Liliana had been on red that day, with an attached envelope of her hair that she had cut off with scissors when she was supposed to be doing school work. To make matters even worse it was noted that she lied to teacher when asked if she was cutting her hair (her response: I don't know).

We had a good talk- I asked her why she did it, and she revealed that her best friend in the class had done it too (I won't even try to guess who came up with the idea). I was firm- grounding her from electronics for the day, but I cuddled her when it was over because I knew how sad and embarrassed she was. I told her that she needs to apologize to her teacher tomorrow for lying to her, and that she is never to cut her hair by herself again.

I'll take a picture tomorrow so I can post the damage. Still not sure if I can hide the hole or if she needs a new very short hairstyle.

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