Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning. We started by placing the Christ child in the manger where the girls have been placing pieces of yarn to make it softer for the baby. They get to put a piece in every time the did an act of secret service. We really wanted the girls to get into the true meaning of Christmas and it also helped diminish some of the arguing in our home for the week before Christmas.

Moira was a bit put off that the presents were right there and she had to pose with the nativity.

And then on to presents. Grace got the biggest gift this year (box wise, which is the only thing that matters at this age)

Violet's first present of the morning.
This is what Violet did most of the morning.

The girls all ready for church. Such beauties, all of them!
For dinner I cooked a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings and we had our friends the Estrada's over. We were having a great time catching up until Liliana threw up. And then Violet. Grace followed after bedtime (course she didn't make it to the toilet, so I got to clean up Hawaiian Punch dyed turkey out of the carpet while Kaylon sat with her). Kaylon came next and I finally blew at 2am. Moira only escaped because she had the pukes Wednesday night. So we have had the laziest day after Christmas ever- basically we just made sure that the kids were fed, after they were able to keep food down, of course.

And now that I have thoroughly grossed everyone out- Merry Christmas to all!

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