Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We were lucky enough when we moved to join the ward where our old friends the Smiths live. Both our families moved to Montgomery Village the same week 6 years ago and that year we spent Christmas Eve together. So it was fun to spend Christmas Eve with them this year along with another fun family in our ward and to see how our families have grown.

This year we did a potluck dinner, the kids acted out the nativity story, and we sang some Christmas songs. Lots of fun, friendship, and laughs. I have video but it's not loading- I'll have to try again later.

When we got home we opened certain presents from Grandma Susie (PJ's!) and exchanged presents as a family. The threat of Santa not coming until they were asleep had them running to their beds and even demanding that we do the same. Kaylon and I instead stayed up to put bows on presents and watch White Christmas together- one of our traditions. Still we got to bed at a good time- making this Christmas Eve just about perfect.

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