Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Year 2011-2012

Everything I've wanted to do lately has been hinged on when the girls start school... starting at the gym, potty training Moira, going shopping more often, and generally organizing my life. Well, all my excuses are now gone: school started today. It was rainy and quite chilly this morning- I don't think it's supposed to even hit 70 today (which is a blessing since the a/c went out again last night).

Both Grace and Liliana woke up excited and got dressed quickly. I made french toast for everyone, wrote out lunch checks, did hair, packed snacks, and reminded the girls what they were buying for lunch. We took pics inside because of the rain and then walked to the bus stop.
We were only there a few minutes when the bus came around the corner. I had expected a little more time, so i gave up finding my camera in exchange for hugs from my girls. Liliana was the first one on the bus. She gave the bus driver a high five, walked to her seat, and waved and blew us kisses until she couldn't see us anymore. Grace got in line with her neighbor friends and didn't give us a second glance. I was misty eyed, but didn't cry. Still it felt like half my heart was on that bus.

I drove Kaylon to the metro, so as soon as I got home I checked the phone for messages; I guess Liliana is doing alright since there have no phone calls from the school. Now it's just me and the little girls. Guess it's time to break Moira of her TV addiction and start potty training... :)

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