Thursday, September 15, 2011

He Man Obsession

I have to laugh because as much as my girls are little princesses, they have their mom's tom boy streak as well. Who would expect a He Man post on an all girls blog?

Kaylon received a dvd several years ago with the top 10 He Man episodes and Moira saw them for the first time a couple weeks ago. She has become obsessed! She wants to watch it all the time. She "becomes" He Man when she plays and has assigned each of us our own character. Kaylon is Skeletor, I am Teela, Grace is the Sorceress, Liliana is Evil Lynn, Violet is Orko, and Yoda is Battle Cat. The other night she refused to call Kaylon 'Daddy" but instead prefaced all her conversations with his new name 'Skeletor.' (For example, "Skelotor, I need a drink!") She will point her sword at Yoda to make him Battle Cat and then call to him (unlike the real Battle Cat, ours does not listen to He Man so well). She also tells great He Man knock knock jokes: who's there? He Man. He Man who? By the power of Grayskull! And then she shoots you. Or, Battle Cat who? ROOAARR!!!

The obsession has come in handy. I have used it to make her "clean up as fast as He Man" as well as eat her "He Man food." Pretty Awesome. I'll post a video when Kaylon gets home- he has it on his phone.

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