Friday, July 2, 2010

We Made It!

We have arrived in 'Arizonia' (as Grace calls it). The flight was hard, but not harder than I expected. We barely made our flight- security look longer than I expected at Dulles and we got to the gate about 10 minutes before it closed. Some very nice people helped me entertain the girls and collect my stuff- I am so grateful for them! There was even a family with 3 kids who we got to hang out with quite a bit since we took the same connection flight as well. When we finally did get on the flight, the girls were excited at first. But then we had to sit on the runway for a half an hour. Liliana informed me then that she wanted to go with Daddy instead. (Too bad.) Grace was worried about take-off and clung to her arm rest as we finally took off. After that, it was exciting and no longer scary. Moira slept once on each flight. She didn't like having to sit on my lap- she wanted to get up and walk around, but again, oh well. Luckily I had packed well- games, coloring books, some toys, movies, and snacks- which kept them all mostly occupied. I even got to do 1.5 sudoku puzzles! Didn't think that would actually happen.

I have to say, I'm so glad this isn't a 'normal' vacation where I'd have to do that again in 2 short weeks. I'm glad that I have a month to recover!

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