Sunday, August 17, 2008

What is a "poopy girl?"

Recently the girls have been playing instead of going to sleep at night, so we have had to periodically go into their room and scold them. One night Kaylon had the honor of doing this- it was a normal scolding, and he came back down to watch a movie with me. Then we heard Grace start to cry over the baby monitor, which is also fairly normal. And then we heard, "Daddy treated me like a poopy girl!" We about lost it. Kaylon had to go up and talk to her- explain that she wasn't a poopy girl, but that she did need to go to sleep. But it has stuck, and now when she gets in trouble, we are always "treating her like a poopy girl."

Help us!


Trish Olsen said...

haha that is by far the cutest thing. i love reading your blog your girls always have cute things they are doing :)

Debbie's said...

That's too funny. So what is the punishment for a truly poopy girl? I can't imagine it's anything worth crying over! Kids are a riot :P