Friday, May 8, 2015

End of the Year Field Trips

I got brave this year and signed up for 2 field trips in one week- The Pittsburgh Children's Museum with Moira and Pricketts Fort with Liliana. 

I got to ride the bus with Moira (and left the kids with a sitter) which was fun- the PTO actually got us charter buses, which I figured made sense with a bunch of kindergartners who might need to use the bathroom on a 1.5 hr ride. The museum itself was great with tons of hands-on exhibits. We might make a trip up there during the summer.

The littles and I met Liliana at Pricketts Fort, which is only 10 or so minutes from our house.  I would have enjoyed this more without the said littles, since Luca got bored fairly quickly during the historical lessons (which I was interested in, oh well). It was a beautiful day though, and Liliana loved having us there. Wish I had taken more pictures.

It's nice to do more of these things now that Luca is older.  Imagine what I'll be doing when he goes to school! :O

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