Monday, March 9, 2015

Kindergarten Curriculum?

I have been very careful not to expect too much from my kids.  School came easy to me, but I knew that that didn't guarantee little child geniuses.  Grace and Liliana are both good students, both getting high marks in their classes. I'm very proud of both of them.

Then there is Moira.

I've always known that she was smart.  Too smart for her own good. But then she started adding numbers faster than Liliana, and listening to Grace practice multiplication.  It didn't take her long to understand the concept behind it ("it's just a faster way of adding, mommy").  She is constantly asking us math questions using infinity, googliplexion, and other various big numbers. 

And she's in kindergarten.

Today Kaylon printed off the multiplication tables to 12 and pi to the 50th decimal.  She's loving it. 

Good thing her mom and dad both graduated college...

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