Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Favorite View

You know those things that you never thought to ask for, but when you accidentally get them you fall in love with them?  This is my relationship with my corner kitchen window.
(Don't look at the dirty dishes!)

My last kitchen had a window by the sink, but the only thing I ever saw was my neighbor smoking on her stairs... and the window was quite dirty, so, yeah, not very appealing.  But now it's almost a pleasure to do the dishes (almost) because now through my very clean window I get to see this:

 Which is even more amazing when a rabbit or a deer is standing out there.

But even better is when I see this:

No, not the trash can! The kids! All five of them, playing in the yard- taking care of each other and having fun without electronics! I can also see when Kaylon arrives home, when someone is coming to visit, and the occasional delivery truck.  But still, the kids, MY kids, are my favorite view in the world.

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