Friday, June 28, 2013

Liliana's Lost Tooth

Ahhhhh, the many stories with this one.  Liliana has been wiggling this tooth for about 2 weeks.  Same last night at dinner, and so Grace and I were trying to give her ideas on how to make it come out quicker.  She seemed nervous, so I dropped it.  Violet was done eating so I went to start the bath, leaving the older kids to finish dinner.  Moira and Liliana eventually joined the bath, daddy came home, and we all went into the dining room to chat with him.

As were were sitting there I started to pick up the table some.  I picked up something hard and, surprised, I inspected it further.  It was a tooth!  I looked at Liliana and asked why she didn't tell me she had lost a tooth.  She looked back at me dumbfounded, and felt in her mouth.  She hadn't even noticed it was gone!  Nor did anyone else that whole time!  She was very lucky she didn't swallow it and that I found it!

Fast forward to this morning: Liliana wakes up to find a gold dollar left on her bed during the night which she shows off to everyone.  Grace confidentially tells her, "You're really lucky Liliana- Your tooth fairy came the first night, even when you lost your tooth at night.  Mine was always a day late!"

My poor first child, lol!  At leas the tooth fairy is getting better at remembering!

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Debbie's said...

That is adorable! Gold dollars is a good idea....