Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

No cute pictures of 4 girls in their Easter dresses today since the younger two had pretty high fevers  and stayed home from church with daddy.  Otherwise it was a nice, restful day: visit from the bunny, I was able to actually listen in church without the younger two there, and Kaylon cooked a delicious Easter dinner with the help of the older girls.

Easter was different for me this year, though.  Other years I have focused my gratitude for the Savior on the gift of forgiveness after we repent; it is afterall the aspect of the atonement that I use the most in my life.  But my mom's passing has thrown a spotlight on the other purpose of the atonement: the Resurrection.  Suddenly the knowledge of an afterlife- of my opportunity to be with my mom again- is so much more important than ever before.  I always believed it, it always brought me comfort, it's just so much more real and pertinent to me now.

This coming year is going to be full of holidays and events where I am going to miss my mom so much.  It's nice to start with a holiday of hope as I embark on this new phase of life- hope from the knowledge that my Savior, and now my mom, are always watching over me.

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Unknown said...

hello Shawna,
Après plusieurs heures de recherches de viens de voir ton blog... Do you remember your travel in France ? I'm Emmanuelle or Manou if you remember me. I write a message to Kaylon facebook this morning and now I see your blog so I post a message. If you want write me with facebook you. Ca me ferait vraiment plaisir d'avoir de tes nouvelles.
A bientôt