Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grace's Baptism

Grace was baptized a member of our church on July 14th. It was a wonderful day filled with planned visits from Grandma Susie, Grandma Elyse, Aunt Angela, Pop and Grandma Brandi, Uncle Frank and Aunt Georgie, and cousin Wendy. We got a last minute visit from Uncle Gary and Aunt Eileen. And then we got completely surprised by Jocelyn, John, and Maddie, as well as Uncle Ron! It was a full house for our Chinese dinner pre-baptism and a nice reception afterward for dessert. My one regret was that I never got everyone together for a massive photo!

Grace was baptized and confirmed by her dad :)
Grace's friend Mary was baptized right after her.
At least I got a picture of us :)

Overall it was a very special day for us, and we're very proud of Grace for making this choice! She is a remarkable girl and we love her more every day!

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