Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy First Birthday Violet!

Our Violet turned one yesterday! We celebrated with a chicken/peanut/wheat/egg free dinner of steak, salad, and corn on the cob, followed by strawberries with whipped cream. She didn't care at all that she had no cake :)

Still no walking, and still waiting on some more teeth to come in (please please come in soon so the screaming will stop!), but she's a smart girl who loves her sisters and mom and dad. She likes to make people laugh using comedic timing and physical humor. She has made up her own sign for 'eat' and uses it a lot. She likes to pretend to talk on the phone. Her favorite toys are the various vehicles we have (tow truck, new school bus, big cars). And she has a smile that can light up the room!

Happy Birthday Miss V!

I love this picture- don't think she could fit any more in there!

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Debbie's said...

How fun! She really is precious. She takes after her momma ;)