Sunday, July 31, 2011

(Almost) Finished Home

We are loving our new place, minus some problems we had in the beginning. The house is mostly organized at this point. Enough that I no longer want to work on it every day and some clutter is finding its own territory. Oh well. I do have a newborn. For those of you who wanted to see the mostly finished product here ya go:

Our utility room storage (one of Kaylon's pet projects)
And our 5th bedroom that is now all storage
View of the rec room from the TV end

The desk is in the middle of the rec room

The far end of the rec room is the toy area

And the other far end is the TV

The foyer with our new bench storage

Our picture collage going up the stairs

The Dining Room

The living room with our first set of new couches (!!!)

Violet's Room

The Girls' Room

And our room (and new bed!)

You can compare before and afters with this post .

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Debbie's said...

Oh, I love it- it looks so roomy! Someday I'll see it in person :) Congrats again- love ya!