Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Price to be Paid for McDonald's

Usually about once a day Liliana recounts to someone her accident "at Lexi's house that made her bleed all over." She describes going to the doctor, being scared, and going to McDonald's after. The other day she asked me if we could go to McDonald's for lunch. I told her no, that we were eating at home that day. She then asked,

"Then can I get an owie on my head so I can go to the doctor and then we could go to McDonald's?"

Hmmmmm, not the message I was hoping she'd get from my generosity...

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manda carol said...

Joel had coffee dumped on him around Christmas time last year. Even now anytime anyone mentions coffee he tells the story. And we don't even talk about coffee that often. I foresee a long obsession with McDonald's for you. sorry! Although it is kind of funny in a twisted way that she's willing to get hurt so that she can get McDonald's.