Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stitches Are Out!

Liliana got her stitches out today! Sadly it was another traumatic ordeal. She refused to stay still and so we had to papoose her again. The scab had attached itself to the stitches and so it bled some as they removed them. She cried and yelled- told off the nurses a few times. (Seriously, you don't want to get this child mad at you!). They steri-stitched it to help it continue to heal. Moira wasn't quite sure what to do with it all. At first she was content sitting on the floor playing with my wallet, but she eventually got very concerned for her sister and started crying. It was sad, very very sad.

We ended up going to Chick Fil A for lunch (I didn't want McDonald's again). That made it better. Our next step is to see the plastic surgeon in November to see if they can help us with the scar. The nurses said she was healing fast, let's just hope she heals well, too.

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