Thursday, May 6, 2010

The High Life

Last week Kaylon got tickets to go to the Virginia Gold Cup horse races. So Saturday we all got dressed up in our finest and headed out to the country. Our tickets included passes into the sponsor's area, which gave us access to a large tent, tables, chairs, and free gourmet food. This was all especially important after all the walking in 3 inch wedge heals! There was a big TV in our tent that gave us a great look of the races, plus a great view right in front of the tent. It was a lot of fun to see all the big hats, bright colors, and even costumes (we saw batman in our wanderings). It was even better to spend some quality time as a family after a couple crazy months.

Pictures taken from Kaylon's new girlfriend... I mean phone. ;)

(Liliana didn't want her picture taken.)

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Debbie's said...

How cool! You didn't tell me about that :P All I can think of is "My Fair Lady" :)