Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girls Update

I thought I'd let you know some of the things the girls are doing now :)

Grace is loving school. She got her 3rd quarter report card a little bit ago- she has moved beyond kindergarten mastery on two subjects and has mastered all the others. Her reading has improved leaps and bounds, although she still resists sounds words out in favor of just guessing (which might get on Mommy's nerves sometimes, but she tries to stay patient). She makes letters and cards for people everyday. She's very creative. She's loving her ballet class, and we might start her full time in the fall- we'll have to see what's going on.

Liliana is getting closer to 4 every day, and you can tell by her attitude. My little ray of sunshine has become a storm cloud ready to burst at any point. Anything that doesn't go her way just sets her off. Still, when she's in a good mood, she is so fun to be with. She loves to talk now and explains everything to anyone who will listen. She is very physically coordinated- she started riding Grace's bike with no assistance, does very well in her tumbling class, and preforms little tricks around the house all the time. She is also becoming more nurturing to her baby dolls and little sister, which is nice to see.

Moira is no longer a baby. She runs everywhere with her little belly bumping out in front of her. She is amazing at mimicking! She can eat cereal and milk with a spoon, play simple games, and signs words quite well now. She loves to do whatever her sisters are doing- if she sees them picking flowers, she does too; if she sees them throwing a toy at the wall, she throws one too. I can even ask her to do simple tasks now like throwing away diapers in the trash. She loves to give kisses, espeically when someone makes a big deal about it. She also loves to hit right now, too, which is not as fun. Although I understand her need to defend herself against her sisters, I can't let her do it. Not that Liliana would let me- she is quite indignant about Moira being punished!

Overall they are a joy to be with and I am so blessed to their mother.

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