Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting the Blood Back

Moira had her 15 month appointment yesterday, including 3 vaccinations and a blood draw. The shots were over quickly but the blood draw was complicated. They couldn't get a vein in the first arm that they tried- I felt so bad for Moira as they poked the needle around under in her skin- didn't they realize that this was a one year old- not an adult?! Anyways, they finally got a vein in the other arm and got the job done. What I didn't expect was Grace's reaction. She stood there crying next to Moira, so sad for her sister! As we walked out to the van I was trying to explain how they would use the blood to test for things that could hurt Moira. Then Grace asked about what she was REALLY concerned about, "But how are they going to put Moira's blood back in?" I explained that they wouldn't, and that set her crying again, saying, "No! They have to give her back her blood!" I further explained that her body would make more blood, and eventually she understood, but it was definitely cute to see her so concerned about her sister.