Friday, April 30, 2010

Reston Zoo

Grace's class went on a field trip to The Reston Zoo yesterday, and Liliana, Moira, and I were able to tag along with the class. We had never been to this zoo before, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's just the right size for a half day excursion, with LOTS of hands on experience. We were able to feed barnyard animals, pet rabbits and turtles, and even a kangaroo joey. The bigger animals were part of a zoofari tractor ride where some of the kids were able to touch bison or African bulls from their seats in the wagon. All in all a good day, minus some tantrums from Moira.

Liliana feeding the goats.

Moira throwing a fit.

Looking at the caged rabbits (vs the ones that had their own habitat- wonder what the caged ones did wrong)

This is the turtle/rabbit habitat. Oh, and Grace :)

A semi-happy picture of all the girls

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Debbie's said...

heehee- I like your comment about the caged rabbits. It is Spring Time... maybe they were too frisky :P Great pics of the girls. I'm glad you had fun!