Thursday, June 17, 2010

RIP Fridge

The resident refridgerator passed away from normal causes early yesterday morning, at the ripe old age of "older than us." It lived a long life, though a painful one near the end due to physical infirmities such as not being able to close its freezer door easily, being so cold at the top of the fridge that anything on the top shelf had ice crystals on it, and the ugly yellow-beige color that plagues fridges "older than us." It will be missed briefly by its users- only because their food is thawing, and only until it is replaced by a new fridge. Until then they will be grateful for neighbors with freezer space, multiple coolers in their kitchen, and a gas station down the street that sells ice. No services will be held.

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Debbie's said...

HAHAHAHAHA! LOVE it!! Too bad, if you had decided to hold a graveside service, I would've come out to grieve with you... at least, if refreshments were provided ;)