Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hair Cut!

I have been growing out my hair for over two years now in hopes of donating it to Locks of Love when I had 10 inches to cut. On Saturday I figured out that I had lice AGAIN for the THIRD time. I just cried. I hate these things. I hate doing the laundry and the cleaning that is associated with it. It obliterated our whole Saturday, which was going to be a last date for Kaylon and me. Instead I was washing Grace's, Liliana's, and my hair, combing through them, and cleaning everything. I had had enough. So I looked online to find a salon that worked with Locks of Love to donate it when I was lice free.

I was very disappointed at what I found. They only give out about 200 wigs a year, even though they get around 20,000 donations a week. And I understand that not all of the donations are usable, but you would think that they'd be able to make a few more wigs with the money they make from selling the unusable hair to movie sets and wig makers. In my research (which I don't have the time to quote on here, but I will find the info if you want it) it also showed the CEO getting a huge percentage of what the company makes. So I had a decision to make: donate my hair with there being a small chance of a child getting my hair and a huge chance that the sale of my hair would make someone's pockets a bit fuller, or throw my hair away.

I chose to throw it away. I was mad about the way they represented themselves and I had too much to do to go through the hassle of getting it sent off to a company that I don't trust. Wasn't worth it. And I got to cut my hair the length I wanted instead of trying to get 10 inches. Selfish? Maybe. But I see it as standing on a principle. Don't use sick kids to line your pockets.

Anyways, here's a before and after. I think I might like it better longer, but for summer in AZ... I need it short!


Luann said...

This issue came up on another blog I read. Here is a link to what they had to say and includes some other organizations that accept hair donations: www.princesshairstyles.com/2010/05/choosing-where-to-donate-your-hair.html

Jen said...

I admire the research you put into Locks of Love. When I had my head buzzed I mostly focused on donating to Matter of Trust for the hair booms and did my research on them. I think your point is a valid one, and someday you may be able to donate to a non-profit that you feel deserves your hair. Ultimately, I don't regret donating mine to L of L for several reasons, some of which are listed on the blog your friend mentioned.

I like your new cut! You look lovely.