Thursday, June 3, 2010


We spent Memorial Day weekend at Wapacoma campgrounds in Romney, WV. We had a great time squeezing in some family time before the girls and I head off to AZ for a while. The only blemish on the trip was Moira having a croupy cough and a fever. But she slept it off well and Kaylon and I got some good snuggling from her.

Can you tell she's having fun?

Clap for me!!!

Playing some ball

We let Liliana have the camera at some point...
Grace was entertaining the sick

The campground had a train for all the kids on Saturday


Sitting like a big girl

Kaylon cooked most of the food while we were there, and did a great job!

I know I look mad in this picture, but Kaylon just caught me at the wrong moment. It was actually a really nice moment of me reading to the girls a book called "Mars Needs Moms." You should all read it!
She loved the chairs!

It was chilly in the mornings.

This was the stick fish they caught the first time they went fishing- Kaylon forgot the camera for the 2nd trip so we don't have proof of Grace's 1st fish- a blue gill she calls Dory. She was super excited about it. Liliana preferred to look at the worms (but not touch).

I love this picture because it illustrates each of the girls' personalities. Moira is looking for approval, Liliana is too cool for it all, and Grace wants to look sweet/cute.

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Debbie's said...

I'm glad you had fun! I love the pictures- you and Kaylon look great! The girls are darling as ever. I miss you :(