Wednesday, June 23, 2010

End of Kindergarten!?

Today is Grace's last full day of kindergarten (tomorrow is only 2.5 hours long for the entire school). I can't believe how fast time has flown. She brought home her journals this week and it amazing to see the progression in her drawings and writing. Today she wrote her own thank you notes to her teachers mostly without my help. Her reading ability has improved exponentially- she reads everything now: signs, books, notes, etc. She has developed socially- she plays so much better with kids her age now- and she's SO outgoing. It makes an introvert like me shrink a few inches every time she goes up to kids on the playground and ask to play- but the kids accept her quickly, and she makes some more friends. She knows many of the teachers and administration at her school because she says hello to everyone. She has just blossomed this year. I am so grateful for her two teachers, Ms. Scheufele and Mrs. Liebermann who have loved her for who she is and guided her (and me!) in her transition from home to school.

Grace and her K teacher, Ms.Scheufele

Grace and her assistant K teacher, Mrs. Liebermann

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