Sunday, May 29, 2011

Before the Craziness Really Starts...

I feel like I haven't written enough about the girls funny stories lately. Things have been hectic and I have felt so overwhelmed I've dropped a lot that wasn't absolutely necessary. But now that I no longer have to clean my house for prospective renters every day and the baby is no longer breech, I feel like I can breathe again. So before the new princess takes over the spotlight, I'd like to journal a little about the first three.

Grace is doing fantastic in school. She's social, smart, and caring. She has lots of friends and she has the best stories about what happens at recess. Right now there are two competing clubs- they have the names of big cats- can't remember which ones. They try to trick each other at recess- they design elaborate plans and make notes for each other in order to carry out said plans. It's nothing sinister- no bullying or things like that. But it's hilarious how serious she takes it! She is also a great big sister. She loves to read to the girls, which is so satisfying to me... her doing something for her sisters that I did for her- it's just really sweet. She helps the girls get dressed in the morning all on her own, and has tried her hand at Moira's diapers. She loves to make up "projects" in the evening- usually assembling paper and crayons and giving the girls an idea of what to draw or a card to make. She also helps me, especially now that that it's harder to walk. She runs up and down stairs to get things for me, helps me off the couch when I'm laying down, and even gave me a back massage today! She is my little mother! She's understanding more and more and I'm scared to think that she will be seven soon... wasn't it just yesterday that I was getting ready to give birth to her?

Liliana is a dual-emotion child. She can change on the flip of a coin. Sometimes she is outgoing, talking to everyone, won't let you have a word edgewise; and then just like that, she is shy, sullen, and rude, refusing to give you the time of day. I don't know what her criteria is, but she decides if she likes you at first glance. Her feelings are tender- easily hurt; but if you're the right person, doing the right thing, it's fairly quick to repair as well. If you're not... well, expect the cold shoulder for a while. She's finally become interested in writing and can write all the letters in her name, although not usually in order. She uses mature phrases and patterns of speech that sound so funny coming out of her four and half year old mouth. And she loves to sing. And I love hearing her. And I love hearing her play. At the moment she is playing with Moira- she has a convoluted story going on and she tells Moira exactly what to say and what is happening, and Moira is just playing along. And she's in love with her daddy now- they're going to get married- in the temple- when she's older, we have been told.

Moira is a fireball. I should have known from the womb with that child. Moira gave me two bruises while in utero- one on my uterus and the other above my ribs. She is just as feisty as a two year old as she was then. Just the other day she ran out of nowhere and tackled Liliana from the side- just bowled her over! She often makes her older sisters cry by stealing toys or hitting/biting/spitting/pinching if she doesn't get her way. If she doesn't like what you're saying, she blows a raspberry at you. If she wants to "attack" you she points her finger at you and makes a "pchew" sound. But then she comes over with the biggest hugs and kisses you've ever seen- or tells you that she loves you, and she melts your heart. She is very concerned about schedules and routines and will tell you if you are out of sync. She knows what belongs to who and loves to help you get reunited with your things. If I were in a position to run up and down stairs I would potty train her, but it would probably hurt me, so she'll just have to deal with diapers a bit longer. I love to hear her talk- she understands so much and is so excited to communicate that to you. Oh- and she puts on her own sandals now, and always asks if they're on the right feet. It's so cute!

Being a mom isn't always easy- the monotony of the daily tasks is usually what gets to me. But these girls make sure that life is not boring. I laugh with them (or at them) everyday and that helps me remember why I do it, and how important it is that I am there for them. Things are going to be crazy for the next one to three months- a baby, moving, new friends and school... but as long as I have my family around me, I am always home.


Mamma Sass said...

Congrats on getting the baby to uh, how do you put it... not be in breech anymore? Don't I look foolish.

Everywhere I look around me, my friends are now parents and their children are all growing up so fast. Your children appear to be no different. You must lead a very fulfilled life!

Debbie's said...

That was so fun to read- I adore your girls <3 How I wish I could be there to help you out! Love ya!