Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mom Update 2

Mom had her right lung drained on Monday and everything went well. To our surprise it had three times as much fluid as the left. Historically the left side tumors have been more active, but I guess they have switched roles. We all wondered what that could mean, but none of us have the medical knowledge to make any good conclusions.

Today was her doctor's appointment with her oncologist. We were hoping that the doctor would prescribe another oral hormone treatment, but sadly, she is suggesting that Mom do chemotherapy. This was not what any of us wanted- we all remember how sick Mom was last time, plus it kills me that again I can't be there to help her, since I only have 10 weeks left until the baby arrives. I imagine that the doctor does not want to risk wasting time on a treatment that has already failed while Mom's lungs are already filling back up with fluid. She needs to do a PET scan to determine the state of the cancer and then the doctor will decided the duration and strength of the chemo. So again, we wait.

My mom, siblings, and I appreciate the outpouring of support, love, and prayers that have come our way. Thank you.

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Joce24 said...

It makes me so sad to read these posts but I know that your mom is strong and she has her family to be there for her and support her. Again, I send my love to Mom and to your family which I have always called my own! ~Jocelyn aka Joanna!