Monday, September 30, 2013

Luca's Blessing

We blessed Luca yesterday in our ward.  The day worked out well in that Luca had his hardest day yet- crying all the time, wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME, etc- but he didn't cry during his blessing!  He resumed crying right after, though.   We were so glad to have Kaylon's mom and my dad there to share the day with us.

Caught him in between screams to give the illusion of calm.
 What he really looked like all day.

I had a moment in the morning when it was just Luca and me in my room and I realized that Mom wasn't going to be here in person.  I allowed myself to cry for a minute.  She had been to all the other blessings, and while I am sure she was there in spirit, it felt wrong for her to not be there.  But I imagine that is how life will be for now on- happy moments tinged with just a little sadness.  But still an overwhelming happiness, for we are truly blessed and have many people who love us. 

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Debbie's said...

haha- what a stinker. I love that first shot and your explanation. Such a handsome little guy