Saturday, May 12, 2012

Allergy Addendum

Our trip to the allergist was a productive one.  Since they were doing the skin test I wanted to narrow down our pricks so that I wasn't torturing my 11 month old too much.  So we settled on oat, rice, beef, chicken, pork, peas, tomato, and dog- things that she has been exposed to and that we eat a lot of (no need to do things like lamb, sea food, or other nuts since we don't eat a lot of them).  We only got two positives out of the bunch:

Chicken and dog.

The chicken was a big reaction- bigger than the control.  Totally unexpected.  Something I thought was so safe... but I can attest that since taking her off of it, her skin has cleared up to near perfect!

The dog result was very slight.  Not enough to get rid of our dear Yoda-dog.  (Lucky him.) 

I got a real sense of peace after the results- yes it was another thing to deal with, but it explained why she was still breaking out in hives all the time (we eat chicken a lot).  I just have to find her other proteins to eat when we eat birds.  Plus, now I know for sure that there are 6 more things that she can safely eat without a trial and error period!

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