Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

I love long weekends! Kaylon had monday off for Labor Day and we were planning on a trip into the city to see the Building Museum... but we slept in. So we decided to go to the Reston Zoo instead.

The weather was perfect- right around 80 degrees. The girls had a blast showing Kaylon all the animals they had seen when we went with Grace's kindergarten class. I was amazed at how much Liliana remembered!
We had a fun lunch at our local Chinese restaurant (our family's favorite food), came home for naptime, and then had a BBQ with our neighbors. It was so cool to share our grills, food, and conversation with the fantastic people that live on our block. Kids were running everywhere, playing on the playground, and riding bikes. They all tired themselves out and then it was time to get ready for school. I wish that we could live in this neighborhood forever... if only there were some four bedroom townhouses here!

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Debbie's said...

wow- sounds like a perfect family day! I loved reading about your community family. It must be great having neighbors like that!