Sunday, July 18, 2010


Two posts in the same week?! Crazy! Must be getting into a routine now...
So I need to do a post on the kittens. They are a huge part of the girls' lives here. Everyday they run to the neighbors' yard and find "their" kitten. Grace's is the black one, Liliana's is the gray. And then they carry those cats everywhere- hold them, hug them, kiss them, talk to them, scold them... They look forward to it everyday, which makes it great leverage.
And before I post pictures, I warn you that you will probably notice some haircuts. The good news is, we finally defeated the lice. The bad news is that we lost a lot of hair in the process. Liliana's has always been short, but I tried bangs on her this time and I don't really like it. And while Grace's cut is super cute, I prefer it long. But we're making the best of it. And enjoying so itch- free heads!

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